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Project done at OCAD University
Let's build our city
Participate Platform (Mobile  & Web Application) enables citizens to vote for the projects that are being built in their cities by the government.
It provides a direct and transparent communication channel between government and citizens for the better expenditure of public funds.
Today, In the democracy, we elect our leaders to represent our needs and requirements in the government but it is impossible for one person to understand and represent everyone's thoughts. So, Citizen participation is imperative for projects which are planned by the government for development. Currently, for citizen participation, the government invites suggestions on a project through a newspaper which very often goes unnoticed.  
The government also relies upon informal channels like Twitter or Facebook to communicate with the citizens. These channels are not focused on ensuring the transparency and answerability of the communication.  
There is a strong need for a formal communication system between the government and citizens which facilitate formal communication about the projects and needs and provide a way to ensure answerability.
Users can discover various projects which are ongoing or are planned in their area.
They can like or dislike a project which is “open for voting” on the basis of the need felt by the users.
Once, enough likes are gathered by a project, it is taken up by an authority and users can track the progress of the selected projects. 
Each card provides information on Project name, date, location along with an option to vote or status of the project timeline.
Users can easily “request for an explanation” for the delay in the project increasing the answerability of the authorities. 
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1. Projects
Here users can post suggestions for the projects they feel should be build. They can suggest any variety of projects such as building a park for elderly to the need for exhibition ground.
Once a suggestion is posted, it will be liked or disliked by other citizens and if it gets enough votes, it will taken up by the authorities and a detailed plan will be prepared.
The same project then will appear in the Projects section for citizens to vote and track the progress of the project.
2. Suggestions
Once clicked on the project card, users can view the details of the projects such as people working on it, timelines, cost of the project, and expected pace vs real pace of the project. 
3. Project Details
4. Profiles
There are four separate types of profiles (Authority Profile, CItizen Profile, Area Profile, and user’s own profile) and functions and controls have provided as per that.  
It was important to provide a face even to authorities for citizens to ease into communicating their suggestions and ask questions.
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